A fugitive apprehension team with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is responsible for bringing in some of the county's worst criminals.

"We’re going to chase 29 -- or up to 29 -- very violent felons," said Sgt. Aaron Barasa.

A typical day for the team starts by identifying wanted fugitives. The team then loads up and heads out.

"We have two 2-man teams. We're going to go to this address to look for this known heroin dealer," said Barasa.

The team surrounds the house. Some of the deputies even have their guns drawn After prying the door open, they discover the house is empty.

The team quickly moves on to their next target. In minutes, Armando Peralta, a known drug user, is pulled out of the home and patted down. “He just notified the officer he had a syringe," Barasa said.

Peralta is arrested, but the team wastes no time in turning to the next wanted fugitive on the list. Again, they surround a small one-story home. They find the home deserted.

"We got information that there was a gentleman here that was a wanted fugitive. Apparently the information was not accurate," said Barasa.

The team refuses to give up. They get news that the wanted man also sells drugs and work to set up a fake drug deal.

After a stake out, the team spots the suspect's green Ford Explorer. He is taken down in a matter of seconds

"The wanted person is arrested, he's off the street, there is a large amount of dope off the street and we can go home at night,” said Barasa.

For the fugitive apprehension unit it’s a good day, but they know they’ll have to be back at it on the next day. The unit’s list of wanted people never ends.