A Port Aransas woman and her daughter-in-law spent a sleepless night at a San Antonio motel after finding bed bugs in their room.

They alerted San Antonio Metro Health inspectors to check out the situation.

Patsy Grimes recently stayed at a Motel 6 in the 7900 block of Interstate 35 North and was apparently bitten several times by bed bugs.

"On her chin and on her hand, and I think she was bit on her stomach," said Grimes' daughter-in-law, Christin Sellers.

Sellers says she was bitten on her hip, and it burned like she had been stung by a fire ant.  "Sure enough, we had bed bugs and there was even some red ones that were filled with our blood," Sellers said.

Sellers said they refused another room and took a refund, then notified Metro Health inspectors, who found four dead bed bugs in two rooms.

Metro Health says that shows the motel did not do a good job of cleaning up after exterminators treated the rooms.

Inspectors noted they did not see blood spots from the bed bugs Sellers and her mother-in-law killed.

"You know from the time they complained to the owners to the time we did the inspection, they could have changed the beds or whatever," said Stephen Barscewski, Sanitarian Services Manager.

Metro Health says this was the motel's third report of bed bugs, and they plan on doing a re-inspection in the near future.

A spokesperson issued a statement to KSAT that said Motel 6 takes bed bug claims very seriously, since they're easily transported in luggage and clothing.

The statement added that's why an exterminator was called in to take care of the problem.