San Antonio Metro Health handed out failing scores for three local restaurants during their recent inspections.

China City Buffet located at 3524 S. New Braunfels received a poor score of 35 demerits.

  • The health inspector noticed a build-up of grease.
  • Food residue and other debris on grills, ovens and coolers.
  • The restaurant was told to stop hanging sticky strip fly traps above food and make sure the staff is washing their hands and wearing hair restraints.

The inspector went back about a week later and their were still some issues. While 35 demerits is a failing score, it's an improvement over the 65 demerits China City Buffet received last year.

Taqueria Cazadores located at 927 Rittiman Road failed their inspection with 35 demerits as well.

  • The staff was told the entire establishment needed cleaning.
  • The inspector also pointed out the dishwasher wasn't sanitizing dishes.
  • A hand washing sink was broken with no hot water.

KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door called the restaurant and an employee thought we were the health department, and asked for two more weeks to make corrections.

She then said the sink was fixed and the place had been cleaned.    

Bud Jones Cafe located at 1440 S.W. Military Drive failed their inspection with 34 demerits.The biggest problem was food temperatures.

  • The inspector noticed the walk-in cooler was at 62 degrees.
  • Several food items inside had to be destroyed.
  • There were no use-by dates on some leftovers.
  • Food preparation areas were not cleaned and sanitized after each use.

A manager said the walk-in cooler was repaired and all other violations were corrected when the inspector came back a week later.

The following restaurants all received zero demerits on their latest health inspection:

  • Bill Miller BBQ located at 1720 N. New Braunfels.
  • La Gran Michocana Palateria located at 6112 S. Flores.
  • Perks Coffee Cafe located at 7755 Eckhert Road.
  • Wingstop located at 5222 DeZavala Road.

4 restaurants get perfect scores during recent inspection

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