A pair of San Antonio restaurants failed their recent health inspections because of several violations.

There are two Garibaldi Mexican Restaurants on the West Side which are both owned by the same family. The Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant located at 2342 Pinn Road failed their inspection with 39 demerits.  

  • They were told to clean the entire restaurant.
  • The inspector found moldy carrots in the fridge.
  • A trail of ants was seen in a back area and rodent droppings in an outside storage room.  

KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door spoke to the owner who said he was glad the inspector pointed out the violations and it was "very needed." The owner said they have fixed everything and monthly pest control continues.    

Teran's Cafe at 4403 E. Houston Street failed their latest inspection with 36 demerits. Their violations included:

  • No hand washing by employees.
  • They were told to clean counters and utensils and to fix their mop sink.
  • Dirty water was being tossed outside.

KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door asked the owner about specific violations and her repeated response was "everything is done." The owner added the health inspector was expected do a follow-up inspection on Wednesday.

The following restaurants received no demerits during their latest inspection by Metro Health.

  • Golden Corral at 9111 N. Loop 1604 West at Bandera Road.
  • Laguna Madre Seafood Company at 10614 Westover Hills.    
  • Mama Lee's Soul Food at 310 Valley Hi.
  • Whataburger at 1243 Austin Highway.

Seafood, Soul food restaurants get perfect health scores

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