Metro Health inspectors have found problems at three more San Antonio restaurants.

Pit Stop BBQ located at 254 Hobart Street failed their latest health inspection with 37 demerits. Their violations included: 

  • The hand washing sink had no water.
  • There were no use-by dates on pre-cooked food.
  • A dead roach and rodent droppings were spotted.
  • The owner refused to sign the inspector's report.

Pit Stop was re-inspected last week and made major improvements. Metro Health is due to go back on Friday to make sure the building is more "pest-proof."

La Cocina De Susana located at 2223 S. Zarzamora failed its inspection with 36 demerits. Their violations included:

  • Food was either not hot enough or cold enough.
  • No paper towels at a hand washing sink.
  • The staff was told the clean the kitchen and restrooms top to bottom.  

La Cocina De Susana was also re-inspected last week and it went well, but the kitchen and restrooms still needed to be cleaned. The inspector takes another look on Aug 27.

Culebra Meat Market #15 located at 2424 Guadalupe Street failed their latest inspection with 32 demerits.

  • The inspector warned the staff here about proper hand washing.
  • Pre-cooked food needed use-by dates.
  • There were no paper towels for employee use.

Metro Health tells KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door that all corrections were made within a matter of days.

Metro Health handed out perfect scores to the following restaurants:

  • The Jingu House Cafe located at 3853 N. St. Mary's (Japanese Tea Garden).
  • Schugga Bakery located at 5531 Randoplh Boulevard.
  • Subway sandwich shop located at 12066 Starcrest Drive.
  • Taco Mania located at 3030 NE Loop 410.

Four restaurants get perfect health scores

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