Since taking over animal control duties in unincorporated Bexar County, Animal Control Services officials said Tuesday they’ve handled more than 900 calls for services.

“The estimates range anywhere from thousands of animals that are stray in Bexar County unincorporated areas to tens of thousands,” said Bexar County Environmental Engineer Andrew Winter. “Some people have said our stray animal population is equivalent to some third world countries.”

Since Oct., the department has had 930 calls for service. 643 cases have been opened, while 350 of them have been closed.

The department’s most recent success was the discovery and bust of a cock fighting ring that netted 39 animals.

Winter said control officers have the capacity to pick up 20 to 30 stray animals per day, but due to a lack of space at the City of San Antonio ACS shelters, they’re limited on the number they can take in.

Bexar County ACS has also been dealing with a backlog of non-aggressive and surrendered pets.

“Since they don’t pose a danger to the public they go on our wait list and we pick them up as soon as we have a chance. We're limited to ten animals a day so if I get ten dangerous animals in one day, that's it, I can’t pick up anything else.”

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