In November, the KSAT Defenders took on the issue of physical fitness -- or lack thereof -- among the ranks of local law enforcement.

Now the constables in Bexar County's Precinct 2 are taking steps to get healthier with a new bike patrol.

"We purchased four bikes in December ... 2013 and began the program this year in 2014, where the officers will be able to ride out in the community and maintain law and order," said Bexar County Precinct 2 Chief Deputy Javier Flores.

The officers will each take a turn once a week on the bike patrol.

The program was implemented to help beef up the force's overall level of physical fitness.

According to the constables, it is advances in technology that have led to the decline in the physical fitness among law enforcement.

"With the advent of the (two-way) radio and law enforcement moving into cars, they get further and further away," said Sgt. Don Rogers. "They lost touch with the community they represent, and they became very sedentary."

While physical fitness is the primary goal, getting back in touch with the community will be another positive side-effect of the bike patrol.

"We're looking at more of a proactive approach, not the reactive approach. We want people to know we are available," said Rogers.

The bikes will also give the constables more flexibility to tackle law enforcement in areas where cars can't access, such as parks and greenbelts.

The program is designed to give the officers incentive to get healthy. Because there are no fitness regulations once the officers graduate from law enforcement academies, ultimately it is up to each individual officer to make the decision to get and stay fit.

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