The race for the Democratic Party nomination for Bexar County Judge is heating up.

On Saturday, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff led a "block walk" to ask voters for their support while also calling out his opponent, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, on his flip-flop support of tent city jails.

Wolff said the tent cities are inhumane and could be dangerous not only for the guards, but the general public if prisoners get out.

"We do have a concern," said Wolff. "For over 6 years, my opponent has supported the tent jail and Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona, who's now been sued for over $55 million ... over civil rights."

In 2006, Adkisson went to Arizona and toured the tent city set up for prisoners by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and just last year he expressed his support for it once again.

However, on Saturday, Adkisson said he was just looking for solutions to deal with the rampant return rate of prisoners and has since moved on to other programs to deal with the jail population, which have been successful.

"If the judge had been involved in the re-entry process that I founded for Bexar County to deal with this rampant return rate of prisoners that threatened (to force us to) send all of our prisoners to other jails, he would know that the tent city idea came and went a long time ago," said Adkisson.

And while Commissioner Adkisson said Saturday that he has reduced the jail population without tent cities, Judge Wolff is claiming the same success, saying that he has reduced the jail population by more than 1,000 inmates.