There were 31 arrests for drunken driving and one arrest for intoxication assault over the New Year holiday -- a decrease from years past, according to Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Reed said a big push against drunken driving called “enhanced enforcement” was critical to keeping the numbers down.

But there was another reason, Reed speculated: “I think it was the day of the week, (with New Year's) being in the middle of the week on a Wednesday,” she said.

Reed warned that even though the holidays are over, local law enforcement agencies are not letting up on targeting drunken drivers.

“Don’t drink and drive," Reed warned. “You’re going to see that message on (Texas Department of Transportation) signs and you will be hearing it from law enforcement agencies.”

She said there is a reason for keeping the pressure on drunken drivers in San Antonio.

“San Antonio has kind of a party reputation and a drunk reputation, and we’ve got to be on top of this,” Reed said.

Aside from the dangers of driving drunk, Reed said there is another deterrent: The cost if you’re arrested.

Conservative estimates are that a drunken driving arrest will cost upwards of $17,000.

“From both the lawyers' perspective to the fines to the court costs and the cost of sanctions imposed, it’s very expensive,” she said.

That's a message, Reed said, that the numbers indicate may be getting across.

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