San Antonio's biggest party is being hit with a big chill.

A cold front that blew through Tuesday evening dropped temperatures on Wednesday into the 40s and 50s in the morning, with a strong wind making it feel even colder.

"This is crazy weather," said Joseph Chavez, a Fiesta tourist from Lubbock. "I'm wearing a jacket in San Antonio, isn't that crazy?"

For those doing the cooking, it's was a little less chilly. 

Josie Falcon was glad to be cooking gorditas at a booth at Market Square.

"I'll be there standing by the stove, trying to warm up a little," she said.

At Mi Tierra restaurant, hot drinks and soups were big sellers.

"Some people order menudo, caldo, hot chocolate, and especially the coffee," said Jenna Marmolejo, a waitress at Mi Tierra.

However, during Fiesta, even cold beer sells on a cold day. 

"I don't know if the cold weather's going to keep them away, but I know it probably won't keep them away from the beer," said April Salazar, a beer vendor at Market Square.

Vendors said crowds seemed a little more sparse after temperatures dropped on Tuesday but believed rain was a big factor.

However, most believed that overall, cold weather wouldn't put a chill on the party.

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