The controversial man who claims he shot and killed a bigfoot in San Antonio in 2012 has returned to the Alamo city with the alleged beast's body.

Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed bigfoot tracker, pulled into town Monday in a motor home with a trailer that houses the alleged body of the beast he says he shot and killed in a wooded area near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 back in September 2012.

Dyer, who was involved in a bigfoot hoax in 2008, has plenty of critics and he admits his nationwide tour is a modern day sideshow.

"If you want to call me P.T. Barnum, call me P.T. Barnum. No one is telling you to come and bring your kids right now, you can if you want to," Dyer said. "I'm not asking you to believe me, you can believe me or not believe me. That's totally up to you."

Dyer's tour kicked off in Phoenix last week but it got off to a bumpy start.  He said he was invited to show the body at a UFO conference but the invitation was then revoked.

"The invitation was revoked because we was going to overshadow their event," Dyer claimed. "The next thing we know they're on the news saying we don't want nothing fake here so all that was B.S."

Dyer said bringing the body, which he calls Hank, back to San Antonio is a sort of homecoming for the beast.  He doesn't care if you don't believe anything he says as long as you come see it for yourself.

"You can come in and take a peek and listen to my story and see my evidence firsthand and you can make up your own minds," Dyer said. "If you think it's a hoax then you go home and at least you got to see this, and if you think it's real then that's great, then you know the truth."

Some critics said the truth is Dyer is just pulling another hoax and making money off of curious people, he claims he's not getting rich off the body.

"I'm paying for gas for the motor home, I'm paying for gas for the generators, I'm not really making any money in fact, I'm losing money," Dyer said. "There's nothing against the law on what I'm doing, period. Everything I have ever promised Rick Dyer delivered. Everyone that says otherwise is a liar."

At least one skeptic remained skeptical after viewing the remains. "I saw the body and it's kind of like the remnant of a bear rug," said Paul Molter. "Does it convince me 100 percent, no. Is it physical proof that he may be telling the truth, maybe. Unless I'm able to touch it, I can't say that he's lying or not."

Dyer is charging adults $10 and children $5 to take the tour and see the body.  He's currently set up in a Home Depot parking lot at Loop 1604 and Highway 151 near where he claimed he shot the mythical creature.

On Thursday Dyer and Hank will make an appearance at the Alamo Drafthouse Park North location where he will show the body, host a question and answer session and show a movie.

Dyer said he's provided the body, now it's up to the public to decide what they want to believe. "People this is a sideshow, if that's what you want to believe then go ahead and believe it," Dyer said. "It don't hurt my feelings but you will definitely get your money's worth when you come out here."

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