Bjorn's store manager Neil Viers can't believe the white van scam is once again taking advantage of the Bjorn name. He says con artists in this case are posing as Bjorn employees and trying to sell equipment they say is from Bjorn’s. 

"In most cases the products are legitimate, they're a product, they're just not a product that Bjorn sells," said Viers.

Viers has been a store manager for 17 years. He said the store only sells their merchandise at their one and only location at Highway 281 and Bitters. He says the con artists typically like to sell at local gas stations where there is a high turnover of cars. Viers said they're selling electronic equipment sometimes at 80 percent off. 

"People had 3-D TVs they were selling. Wireless music systems, for years it's been speakers, speaker systems, but now it's everything from the electronics as well," said Viers.

The last known area the scam artists were in was the 1604 and Pat Booker area.  They were also seen in a white Nissan SUV. Viers said even if they give you a Bjorn's receipt, you don't have something legitimate.

“It's easy for people to get their hands on it, so it's even for them to try and sell it, as from Bjorn's even if they have a receipt that says Bjorn's on it though, it's not from Bjorn's," said Viers. 

The owner of Bjorn's even said the con artists approached him.  They even tried to convince him, they were Bjorn employees. Viers said if you want Bjorn merchandise,  just come to the store that's been in San Antonio for the last 38 years.

"It's too bad when we get our name used like this, but obviously if there's any question from people call us, come see us, call me, I'd be happy to help, " said Viers.

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