BOERNE, Texas -

Signs supporting Boerne’s school bond proposal can be found up and down Main Street in the growing town. 

Many of the town's sprawling neighborhoods also sport the pro-bond signs, with no organized opposition to be found.

"We need it,” said Boerne resident Melvin Yeich. “Fabra Elementary is in bad, bad shape."

Under the proposed new bond, Fabra Elementary would receive a new campus. Technology at all Boerne schools would also be improved.

"The technology needs to be upgraded totally, as far as the teacher’s computers and the kid’s computers,” said Boerne businesswoman Carol Schultz, who supported the bond.

In addition, bond money would go towards renovating several schools, purchasing 30 new buses, and updated security district-wide. The proposed new bond totals $99.48 million.

"We started a year ago this may with a 70-member citizen group and we were very transparent; very inclusive in the process,” said Boerne Independent School District Superintendent David Stelmazewski, regarding the bond proposal.

New home construction is booming in Boerne, leaving schools overcrowded, a reason many in the town felt the bond is badly needed. 

It would be the school district’s first school bond since 2004.

"We're crowded right now,” said Stelmazewski. “We'll have two elementary schools that go over capacity this fall."

A demographer, used during the bond proposal process, estimated that Boerne will see an increase of more than 1,000 students within the next four years.

"We do need more teachers, more space, more equipment and it’s desperately needed to maintain a level of education,” said Yeich.

According to Stelmazewski, due to a healthy market, tax rates are not projected to increase under the current bond proposal. 

The proposal will go before voters May 11.

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