WESLACO, Texas -

Border Patrol agents scored a big pot bust after a minivan they were pursuing rolled just north of the Rio Grande.

The bust happened Saturday while agents worked the river banks near Weslaco.

The Border Patrol says agents spotted the minivan speeding away from the Rio Grande and pursued.

They say the driver then rolled the minivan injuring himself and spilling his illegal cargo.

Agents say they scored more than 1,100 pounds of pot.

The driver had minor injuries.

The Border Patrol also scored a big bust Friday in Garceno near the Rio Grande.

Agents saw a pot-heavy truck driving away from the river.

They followed and found the truck and the drugs abandoned.

Pot from that truck weighed in at more than a thousand pounds.

Those incidents were part of a busy weekend for border agents in South Texas.

The agency says they seized more than 4,600 pounds of pot over a four-day span.