A Montgomery County father has his car back after his 12-year-old son took it for a long ride that included police.

The day ended with the boy and his two friends being handcuffed, then taken into custody by Montgomery County sheriff's deputies. Officials say it started when the young man made a bad decision by stealing his father's car.

Miguel Hernandez says after his wife finished making his lunch early Monday morning he opened his front door, looked out, and saw his car was missing. When he couldn't find his 12-year-old in bed -- he says he knew what happened.

"When I no see him, you know sleeping, it come through to my mind he take it," said Hernandez.

Deputies spotted the 12-year-old and two friends Monday afternoon on Highway 105 between Conroe and Cleveland.

Deputies say with the 12-year-old behind the wheel, the chase reached speeds up to 80-miles-an-hour. It ended in a parking lot after the white, convertible Mustang blew a tire. The 12-year-old's father said for now jail may be the best place for his son.

"I hope he get better there," said Hernandez. "Maybe he change you know, can be better."