Brackenridge, Highlands students face off in BGC matchup

Students excelling in unique foreign language, computer courses

Author: David Sears, Reporter,
Published On: Nov 08 2013 05:59:17 PM CST

Highlands and Brackenridge high school football teams battle Friday night looking for playoff positions.

Students at their respective schools are looking for post-high school positions.

Brackenridge has classes for six different languages: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Paola Avila is taking Chinese.

"It is very interesting, but very hard,” she said.

The class has been taught by Mrs. Jai Hui Downs for the last two years and students are taking advantage of it.

“(It's) a better opportunity to know new languages since I want to travel and I want to be able to speak with people and not be lost," Avila said.

Another member of the class credits his mom for getting him interested in the language and culture.

“My mom is really into the Chinese culture. She wants to go over there and I kind of fell in love with it," said Justin Hernandez, a Brackenridge junior.

There is a program at Highlands that is unique in the state. 

All the freshman take a “Dollar and Sense” course with major emphasis on computer technology. They are learning to program through CodeHS.

“It teaches me how to make different functions (and) soon it will help me make my own website,” said Roxanne Lopez, a Highlands freshman

Some students think it is a big advantage taking the course at the beginning of their high school careers.

“As a freshman, it's really pretty important because later on in my life, once I get better at this, maybe I will have a really good job opportunity, " said Ernest Rodriguez, a Highlands freshman.

“I think it’s fun and there are lot of ways it benefits me. I want to make some apps when I get older,” said Lucinda Angel, a Highlands freshman.

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