Brooks Park on the South Side has fields, picnic tables and trees, but not much else.

By next spring, it should have swings, a slide and maybe even monkey bars.

Humana Inc., The Humana Foundation, the nonprofit KaBoom and the city's Parks and Recreation Department are joining forces  to build a playground for both kids and adults at the park located near the intersection of Goliad Road and Juniper Street.

Third-graders at Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering Charter School not only helped to break ground on the project Thursday, they get to offer their expert advice.

"I would like to have some monkey bars and a slide that goes up and town, a twirl," said 8-year-old Chloe Quijano.

Humana is partnering with KaBoom in building 50 playgrounds around the country in neighborhoods where they are needed.

"The whole idea is to keep people moving," said Humana President and CEO Bruce Broussard. "And we found such a simple idea as a playground to keep people moving in the family. And it's multi-generational."

Children will be able to draw up designs of what they think the playground should have. 

Those designs will be the basis for the playground that is scheduled to be built in February.

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