Two men viciously attacked a store clerk at the Gas Go Market at 8102 Military Drive West around 6 a.m. Monday after the clerk refused to give them free beer, and the attack was caught on camera.

The footage shows the men talking with the cashier until one of them walks around the counter and begins repeatedly punching the clerk.

As the victim lands a few punches to defend himself, the second suspect joins in the attack.

The men drag the clerk to the end of the counter and continue beating him.

"Difficult to watch, horrible to watch. Hard to believe anybody could do something like that,” said Kurt Anderson, Vice President of Gas Go Markets, Inc.

Anderson said the men came into the store Monday morning to confront the clerk because of what happened during the night before.

“We have the store closed at night and we operate through a window. They were coming through the window asking for him to give them beer, and he would not do it,” said Anderson. “So when he opened the store in the morning they came and approached him and you see what they did.”

Before the attack ended, one suspect delivered several final blows to the clerk.

As the men left, one took something from the counter while the second man stole two beers from the cooler. They left the clerk staggering around the store.

"We would like some help identifying these guys and bringing them to justice,” Anderson said. “There are some really brutal people."

Despite the severity of the attack, the clerk was not seriously hurt.

Anderson said a police report about the incident has been filed and he is waiting to be contacted by a detective so he can turn over the surveillance video to police.  

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