The future of "Buddy" the dog remains uncertain but it appears as if the mission to keep him alive is ongoing.

Last week, a last minute deal delayed the euthanization of Buddy.

Buddy was quarantined and later ordered to be euthanized after he allegedly bit a child in November.

Buddy's owner says he only scratched her and the dog has been at the center of legal battle between his owner and the City of San Antonio ever since.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro weighed in on Buddy's situation Tuesday evening.

"It's important of course that there are consequences for the fact that a little girl got harmed. However, I'm confident that something can be worked out short of euthanizing the dog," said Mayor Castro. "I'm confident that another agreement can be reached so that the dog can live, and we'll go ahead and take a look at the way that these cases are handled in the future."

Buddy's owner and the city have reached an agreement that nothing will happen until the owner has exhausted all of his appeals.