Just before 6:30 a.m. Saturday, John Karlis had a truck stolen from the front of his north side business.The entire incident was caught on video by surveillance cameras.

“I've seen him before casing out our place. We have this car with two guys getting out of it trying to knock out two of our cameras two days before this incident,” Karlis said.

The crime only took minutes to pull off, but Karlis knows it took meticulous planning.

“We keep the batteries disconnected and we keep two big cables and locks chained to the trailer. We keep the trailer unhitched purposely so that they can’t drive off with the whole package, yet it doesn’t deter him one bit,” Karlis said.

This was the fourth time Karlis’ business has been hit, and he knows he’s an easy target because he has to keep a majority of his equipment outside.

Despite the video evidence, Karlis is not confident that his vehicle will be found or that someone will be brought to justice.

“My consistent experience with SAPD is I get no follow-up,” Karlis said. “I’ve had two trailers stolen here before. I’ve had a shotgun blast through the front door of my business, which I’m only assuming is random, and yet I’ve had a very similar response. I get no call back from a detective, I get no follow-up from forensics. I call and tell them that I have evidence like video ... they’re not even interested in coming out and getting it.”

A spokesperson for SAPD said the department thoroughly investigates any criminal activity that is reported to them.

In the past, Karlis has taken to social media to find suspects and it has worked before, but he said he should not have to be the one to take the lead on an investigation to get results.

“I want some sort of priority that gives me some sort of follow-up or some sort of assurance that somebody is going to follow up on some leads,” Karlis said. “Right now there’s been a consistent track record of no follow-ups on leads."

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