It's been a rough week for Delia Ocehoa. She says last weekend's heavy rains caused her entire front yard to flood. She says so much mud accumulates, using her driveway is impossible.

“You can tell the cracking the mud it don't have, the dirt goes our cars are getting a lot of can't even drive up the driveway," said Ocehoa.

Ocehoa is just one of several residents in the Cable Westwood area who are just now able to get their properties back to normal. She says water just began receding a few days ago, but dried mud and standing water are still visible in her home's front yard. Ocehoa says 3-1-1 is helpful in cleaning up the mud from her property but it does take some time before workers can get there.

"It takes 2 or 3 days for them to come, but they do come and clean it us 3 neighbors we try and call them right away cause we can't come out, or the cars get a lot of mud," said Ocehoa.

Next week, a meeting will be held at Cable Elementary. Multiple city departments will be available to answer any questions or concerns about flood recovery.

The Bexar County Volunteer Operations Center is asking for volunteers this weekend. They can report to the VOC to register and receive their assignments between 8 a-m and 5 p-m. The VOC has been set up at 10400 Espada Road.

Volunteers should at least 18 years old, younger if accompanied by an adult, and wear clothing they don't mind getting dirty, gloves and a hat.  

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