The Texans Lions Camp just outside of Kerrville is hosting some special guests this week.

Kids at Camp David are spending the week relaxing and enjoying a lot of activities.

The camp is a chance for 17 burn survivors to lose the stress of everyday life and have some fun.

"It's fun, we get to do a lot of stuff," said 10-year-old Karla Ovalle.

The camp lasts seven days but the anticipation for it lasts a year. Many of the kids have been back many times, like Justin Rodriguez, who is attending his seventh camp.

"It helps me understand that I am not alone, there is no reason for me feel bad for myself and just enjoy life," Justin said.

The kids go horseback riding and fishing. There is also archery, arts and crafts and of course plenty of time in the swimming pool.

"There is this kind of unspoken bond between all the campers since we're are all scarred and we have all experiences," said Anthony Ontberoz, who is attending his second camp. "This camp brings everybody here together. It's such an amazing thing."

The kids got a special treat Wednesday when they got a visit from San Antonio and Kerrville firefighters, who arrived in a couple of fire trucks to show off to the kids. It turned into a special day for the firefighters as well.

"We see people injured (but) we never see what goes on after," said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood. "These kids are making it and so it's great for us."

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