Ads promoting Catholic schools will soon be coming to televisions, radios and billboards across San Antonio.

It's part of a new campaign focusing on the benefits of a Catholic school education and an organization called Hope For the Future, which provides financial assistance for those who are less fortunate.

The campaign was announced by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller on Wednesday morning.

"We realized the need for Hope for the Future and our Catholic schools to be more visible in our community," said Patricia Davis, superintendent of Catholic Schools

One big marketing edge is the fact that Catholic schools have a 99 percent graduation rate.

That, along with a focus on Catholic values, is a big draw for many parents.

The cost, however, is often a drawback.

"There are many families that cannot afford (a Catholic education," Garcia-Siller said. "We know that in the past few years, the economic crunch has affected many, many families and that's where Hope for the Future comes along."

Hope for the Future provides financial assistance to 1,700 students a year.

With this new campaign, Catholic leaders hope even more students will take advantage of the help available.

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