More than 200 people came out to a community meeting Thursday night in Canyon Lake to get local law enforcement and citizens together to figure out a way to keep the area safe.

For those in attendance, the meeting was the first step for Canyon Lake residents to take back their city.

Concerned citizens like Debbie England believe crime in the community has gotten out of control.

"I think if we get together we can better use the community services we already pay for and make it work for all of us," said England.

The meeting is the result of a Facebook page created by England. She said with recent crimes, including the murder of an elderly man and an aggravated kidnapping at the lake, she wants people to get more involved.

"Our citizens doing more for themselves, being more proactive about what's going on around them, looking out the window reporting something if you see it. You know working together," said England.

Resident Chris Peterson also feels that citizens watching out for one another, will go a long way.

"This is the community coming together and saying we are going to do what we need to do first without being run out, without it having to be a problem first," said Peterson.

Law enforcement officials were also at the meeting to answer questions. Comal County Sheriff, Bob Holder said the meeting was the beginning of kicking crime to the curb.

"It gives us the opportunity to let them know how important it is that they be involved with us in crime fighting. We have to join hands, the police can't do it all," said Holder.

Based on the turnout for the meeting, a second one could be planned for the near future.