A San Antonio man is hoping to put a couple of car burglars out of business and behind bars after a string of break-ins last week in his Northwest Side neighborhood.

The burglaries happened in the early morning hours of Dec. 11, in the 3900 block of Warbow.

Robert Guerra's home security surveillance system captured video of the two suspects at work.

"Right there he already opened the door, he's in the car, he's yanking the stereo," Guerra said as he reviewed the surveillance video.

Guerra said he didn't know what happened until a neighbor woke him up around 5 a.m.

"She said that somebody broke into all the vehicles in the neighborhood and you need to check your vehicle," Guerra recalled.

When Guerra went outside he saw what was missing. The thieves swiped a stereo from one of his vehicles and took a trunk full of food that was destined for homeless families served by Guerra's mom's charity.

"She's always feeding the homeless families and this year it was 3,000 families," Guerra said. "It's a big loss for her and she's still crying about it."

Guerra said as many as ten cars in his neighborhood were hit by the burglars that night.  He said police officers told him another ten cars were burglarized nearby that same night.

Guerra said he installed the cameras at is home just seven months ago and this was the first crime that he actually caught on camera. He's confident what he captured will be enough to put the suspects away.

Now Guerra is just waiting for police to catch the suspects he caught on camera.

"I got your picture, I got your finger prints and I got your car," Guerra said. "So either way you can either give up or let the police department catch you."

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