After nearly 40 years of business, Cardell Cabinetry closed its doors on 900 people and their manufacturing jobs.

Luis Garabay worked at the East Side fixture just off I-35 near AT&T Parkway for 20 years.

"That's a long time and it's kind of  hard because they close the doors and that's it," he said. "I have a little daughter. I need to pay child support, too."

Cardell was already a shadow of its former self, apparently hit hard by the Recession and subsequent mounting debts.

The closure comes as the manufacturing industry has faced challenges, according to the latest jobs statistics.

Between June and July, 700 manufacturing jobs were lost. And from July 2012 to July 2013, 800 positions in that industry vanished.

"Anytime you have a large release from the payrolls by any one employer in a specific industry, you do notice that," said Eva Esquivel with Workforce Solutions Alamo.

"We may or may not see it reflected in the unemployment rate," she said. "It depends on how the other industries are doing at that time."

San Antonio Metro's unemployment rate is 6.5 percent. Gains in other industries, like teachers heading back to work and growth in oil and gas could offset the losses at Cardell.

The manufacturing industry has face unique challenges. While some companies are hiring, they report having difficulty finding enough people skilled at those particular jobs.

Fernando Hernandez was among the Cardell workers who showed up to work Monday only to find he was out of a job.

Asked how he would support his three children, he said, "Look for another job."

Esquivel said Workforce Solutions Alamo is prepared to help displaced workers transition into other manufacturing jobs or entirely new industries.

She pointed out Amazon is hiring an estimated 900 people for his distribution facility in Schertz.