Police arrested a 22-year-old man Friday afternoon three days after authorities say he stole a car at an HEB parking lot, along with stabbing the car's owner.

Fernando Padilla approached a woman at the HEB Plus at 6818 South Zarzamora Tuesday afternoon and yelled at her to get back into her car.

"The female was deathly in fear for her life, the male kept telling her, 'I have a knife. Get back in your car or I'll stab you,'" said Sgt. Russ Van Geffen, supervisor of the Robbery Task Force. "The female victim, fearing that she'd be abducted, refused to get back in the car. At that point she tried to run and the suspect did stab the victim."

The victim screamed loud enough to get help from nearby customers and is expected to be okay.

Van Geffen said she did have to take a drug cocktail because he said Padilla stabbed her with a syringe that may have been dirty.

The task force located the stolen vehicle a few days later and had it under surveillance at the Pica Pica shopping center in the 900 block of Southeast Military.

Padilla eventually walked up to the car with his young child and was arrested.

Padilla is facing a charge of aggravated robbery as well as a charge of theft from an outstanding warrant.

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