A San Antonio man whose vehicle was struck in what appears to be a case of road rage captured the incident on cameras and is hoping the driver will come forward.

The incident happened Saturday, Dec. 21, as Laurice Kelly was waiting in traffic.

Kelly was leaving Walmart near Loop 1604 and Potranco Road just after noon that day when traffic backed up.

Unable to leave the parking lot, Kelly witnessed the driver of the black Dodge Ram truck behind him becoming agitated.

"There's no way out of here," Kelly is heard saying on his car’s camera system in regard to the stalled traffic.

Then, some honking is heard and the front and rear cameras capture the pickup taking off and striking the rear driver's side of Kelly’s car.

“Oh my God," Kelly is heard saying on video.

The truck that struck him sped off and Kelly pulled to the side of the road.

"He hit me,” Kelly is heard saying on the video. “He hit me."

The damage is relatively minor but Kelly provided the video in hopes someone can help identify the driver of the truck, who continued into the neighborhood across the street and ran a stop sign.

"Unprovoked road rage,” Kelly said, describing the incident. “I guess that's what it's called. I worry about it constantly."

He got the camera system installed three years ago when he got to San Antonio to keep him and other drivers honest. It runs constantly and keeps track of significant events.

San Antonio police spokesman Officer Roger Zuniga said videotape can be invaluable to police in solving crimes.

He said drivers are not encouraged to hold their cell phones and take video while they driver, but that any video can help solve crimes.

"The old adage that video is indisputable is pretty much true,” Zuniga said. “If you have video evidence on anything, that really helps out a case."

While police investigate this case, Kelly hopes the truck's driver comes forward.

"Step up. Be a man,” Kelly said. “Own up. Own up to what you did. Now I've got you on tape and I hope they catch you."

Kelly said the system he installed cost about $500 and that it even has a GPS system to record exactly where incidents happen.

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