A neighborhood cat on the North Side was shot and killed by a pellet gun over the weekend.

According to Chris Cook, it wasn't the first time it’s happened.

"The pellet had passed through his body it passed through his left side and then through his abdomen and stopped on his right side. It had done some internal damage,” said Cook.

Cook and neighbor Ginger Herber look after 16 to 20 cats. At least one other cat has been shot.

"I've never known anybody to target the cats except in 2010 there was one instance where one of our cats was shot. Morris was an orange cat and he had a small hole in the hinds quarter area,” Cook said.

Both Cook and Herber can’t believe somebody would target a defenseless animal.

"Just knowing that somebody is intentionally targeting them it’s kind of like I don't find much of a place on earth for people like that,” said Herber.

A police report was filed but police were unable to do much because no one heard or saw anything.