A Houston woman is attempting to find her 2-year-old Shih Tzu that was stolen from her yard.

Demetria George says she let her Shih Tzu, Honey, out on Tuesday afternoon in front of her home and when she turned her back, her dog was gone.

George says her front door was wide open. She turned away for just a few minutes and when she didn't see Honey trying to get back inside, she thought she might have gotten into some mischief. 

"I began running around the neighborhood calling her name," George said.

After returning home, George checked the surveillance video and saw a woman drive up, take Honey in her arms and drive away.

"I just want whoever has her to return her back to us. I'm not mad at her. I just want her back," said George.

The sheriff's office told George it appears the woman saw an opportunity and just took the dog.