We are in the middle of a very bad cedar fever season.

“When I wake up, I can hardly breathe (and) my eyes are super red," said Lori Henry, who also said she doesn’t get sick otherwise.

The cedar pollen is so bad, sufferers are not only turning to traditional medicines, but many have decided to try an alternative method of relief.

“I don’t do a lot of alternative medicines, but I am willing to try," said Liza Rosenthal, a yearly sufferer.

Rosenthal was at One Lucky Duck in the Pearl, a place that sells what owner Noah Melngailis calls “just an awesome, awesome cure-all.”

That cure all? A ginger shot. 

“Ginger is an immune-booster and it is also an antihistamine," Melngailis said.

Since the drink has a lot of spices -- including Cayenne pepper -- Rosenthal was a little hesitant in trying it, but since she was suffering, she gave it a try and within seconds said she was feeling relief.

“I can feel it my whole head and my throat the whole thing just went 'Bam,'" Rosenthal said.

Another customer also decided to give it a try.

“I liked it. I was a little nervous (that) it was going to be spicy or something like that, but actually, it was very good, " said Shalimar Wallis.

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