A Northwest San Antonio apartment complex has been burglarized three times in three nights by the same suspect.

A surveillance camera set up at the Honey Hill Apartments caught the suspect using a cable connected to a small piece of wood with sticky tape attached to it. He would then stick it through the mail slot and pull out checks and money orders tenants had dropped off to pay their rent.

“Guess you need a better security thing for the checks to be dropped off," said tenant Hope Fletcher.

Pictures of the suspect were posted throughout the complex. Bob Patterson works for the complex’s owner and he estimates up to $9,000 worth of checks and money orders were taken.

"It's a problem for the (Tenants) that's money has been stolen because ultimately they're responsible so they'll have to pay us again and collect insurance on their money," said Patterson.

The Honey Hill Apartments have filed a police report. They are also offering a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.