After seeing the report of a seventh grade Bradley Middle School student who was followed home Monday by a man in a white van, a jogger on the Northwest Side felt she had to share her story.

“A white van came over and kind of cut me off the sidewalk,” said the young woman, who wished to remain anonymous. “He blocked me from oncoming traffic, that way nobody could see that I was standing there, and he asked me, ‘Are you lost?’”

The incident happened Monday between 5 and 5:30 p.m. as she was jogging along Cedar Park in a residential area. The jogger immediately ran the opposite direction.

The woman said the man driving the van was dark-skinned and had a thick accent, possibly Caribbean. The van was white and its windows were painted white.

“You couldn’t see inside. On the back of the van, it had doors, so there could have been someone hiding inside ready to grab me,” she said.

The description of the van is eerily similar to the vehicle that followed the Bradley student home Monday afternoon near Top Rail and Partridge Trail.

The student ran into her house and locked the door. The man followed her to the door and tried to get inside, but couldn’t.

An alert regarding the incident was sent to parents of Bradley students.

After notifying police, the jogger alerted her friends and fellow runners, too.

"As soon as it happened, I called a bunch of girls I know in the area and let them know this is what’s going on because a lot of girls run in this area,” she said. “This is an area filled with kids.”

Scobee Elementary School is along the woman’s running route on Cedar Park and not far from where she was approached.

"I don’t believe it was a coincidence,” said the jogger’s father. “Nobody wants to see that. I think that’s the most horrible crime you can commit on earth -- to do harm to a child.”

If you have any information on either of these incidents, please all San Antonio Police.

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