Turmoil in Egypt has forced one church leader here at home to speak out.

Bishop Youssef of Saint Anthony's Coptic Orthodox Church says the American people and its leaders are misinformed.

“They believe that the supporters of (Mohamed) Mursi are peaceful and (that they) are the majority and this is the expression of democracy,” said Bishop Youssef.

The church leader claims it’s the complete opposite.

“They attacked and destroyed more than 70 churches, 70 churches in one week,” Youssef said.

As the fighting continues and the number of casualties grow, optimism and faith is how the bishop copes.

“I’m sure it will end. Evil cannot survive. Evil can survive for maybe a short period but in the end the good will defeat the evil,” said Youssef.

As a man of faith, Youssef prays his faith will reward him.