CIBOLO, Texas -

Armed with more than 200 signatures, Andre Larkins marched into Cibolo City Hall and filed four recall petitions Friday.

The petitions were circulated in response to Walmart’s plans to build a new facility in Cibolo.

Larkins said the petitions essentially ask for Cibolo residents to decide whether they have confidence in Ron Pedde, Karen Hale, Steve Liparoto and Larry Carlton.

The four council members have terms that end in 2014, but the recall would put them on the ballot this year.

Larkins said the petitions were a last resort to get the council’s attention.

“It’s the fail-safe that the law puts in place for us,” Larkins said. “We didn’t feel that we were actually getting any kind of response.”

Residents opposed to the plan say the store’s proposed location, which is across the street from Wiederstein Elementary School, creates a public safety issue.

Earlier this month, city council members told residents there was nothing they could do to keep Walmart from building it’s store.

Members said the property is zoned for a retail store and the land Walmart purchased is privately owned.

Holeonel Haliburton signed the petition because his son walks home from Wiederstein Elementary, and he wanted board members to know he was not pleased with the way they’re handling the situation.

“As a homeowner here, as a resident here with my son going here, with all the heavy volume of traffic, I don’t appreciate what has happened,” Haliburton said. “I'd like something done about it as much as possible.”

The Cibolo city secretary has 21 days to verify the signatures.

The petitions will then be turned over to the city council, where members subject to the recall can call for a public hearing.

If the recall proceeds, voters could head to the poles as early as this year to decide whether the four council members should keep their seats.

Larkins said it should not have come to this, but he believes the council must listen to the will of the people.

"If they can't figure out how to do it, we'll find someone else who can,” he said.

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