The city council held a public hearing to discuss a limited purpose annexation proposal on Wednesday night.

"These people have chose to move to the South Side to have crime from a distance to have freedom with no kind of restrictions," said Lucy Adame Clark, who is against the annexation.

Most people were upset and concerned, telling the city council they could not afford the expansion.

"(We) are going to be required to pay additional taxes for the city but we're not getting the same services that city is getting," said Aurelina Prado.

The plan in place calls for the expansion of the city limits in four geographic areas.

The areas include approximately 36 square miles and are located South of Loop 410, between Old Pearsall Road and State Highway 181 in the southern portion of San Antonio’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and Bexar County.

After 36 months, city officials will then determine the feasibility and economic benefit of permanent annexation.

"There would be an increase if it's permanent annexed in 36 months in increase in property taxes over the county property taxes city taxes would come into play."

The final vote will be made on Jan. 9.