DILLEY, Texas -

An entire South Texas city is facing a water crisis.

The water-flow for the city of Dilley is down to a trickle, if there's any water at all.

Crews are working feverishly to get the city's well pumps back in service.

For the staff at the A and A Ballroom, no water means no business.

"I was washing dishes this morning, but I didn't get to rinse them at all," said employee Maria Hernandez. "So I just left them in the other side of the sink."

The water flow is down to just a few drops.

Aside from homes and businesses, the water situation created water problems at all schools.

"We were in a position where we had to take the day off from school as we were not going to be able to have consistent water," said Dilley ISD Superintendant Clint McClain.

At the Dolph Prison, inmates are being sent cold cuts. Water is being trucked in. Showers are on hold.

The prison shares one of three existing wells, all with outdated, time-worn pumps.

City Manager Noel Perez says they're working as fast as they can to restore service.

"I'm going to put two sump pumps on two existing turbine power wells to tide us over until we build a new water well," she said.