Imagine a space where you can take yoga classes, enjoy a latte and listen to live music at the same time.

Now imagine that space is downtown.

That was Hemisfair officials are hoping a new downtown civic park can be.

On Thursday, they released a sort of wish list for designers to follow as they draw up proposals for the park.

"We want a real front porch for San Antonio to exist in the civic park," said Omar Gonzalez, executive director of planning and operations for Hemisfair. "Some of the current themes that really rose to the top were shade, water, and then this idea of having small public gathering spaces."

Gonzalez received more than 2,000 opinions from residents through surveys and public input sessions.

But what do tourists want?

"They should have a picnic area and places where you can put your blanket down and sit with your family," said Lubbock resident Carol Kenard.

"They should have fine dining and a mixture of activities for all ages," said Chicago resident Terri Hanson.

The civic park will be the second of three parks that will combine to form Hemisfair Park.

The city hopes to have construction of the entire Hemisfair project completed by 2018, the city's 300th birthday.

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