Friends and classmates of 8-year-old Mohammad Algargaz on Monday took time to remember the third-grader who died Saturday after being struck by lightning last Thursday.

Another boy was injured who also was in the backyard of a home in the 4700 block of Barons Ridge when the storm hit.

A spokeswoman for Hillcrest Funeral Home said the child had been buried within 24 hours of his death in observance of Muslim tradition.

Additional counselors were at Carl Wanke Elementary School on Old Prue Road, to help students, teachers and staff in the wake of his sudden loss.

Veronica Ball, a crisis team leader in the Northside Independent School District, said they heard a lot of stories about Mohammad.

“How he was a tremendous helper in the classroom, and how he was just really kind to others, and he was a very popular little boy among the third graders here at Wanke Elementary,” Ball said. “He also was a fast runner. He was hard to keep up with.”

Ball said she recommends that parents be good listeners especially during times like this.

“Watch for signs that the children are experiencing stress,” Ball said.

If so, Ball said she urges parents to contact the school counselors.

She said, “They’re here to help them in any way possible.”