Eunice Aguillon and her family sat and watched the news Tuesday night, soaking in the details of how three women held captive for 10 years and were finally were freed.

“They were in there for a decade, and Mary has only been gone for a little less than two, so that gives us more hope,” said Eunice Aguillon.

Her cousin, Mary Camen Martinez, 14, disappeared on Sept. 15, 2011. She was last seen heading home from school.

“We got a phone call later that night from an anonymous number, saying that she was now with someone else and that was it,” said Aguillon.

The family believes she is being held against her will somewhere, and said the story out of Cleveland inspired them.

That thought sent them to the Heidi Search Center today in San Antonio, a center dedicated to helping family members and friends find missing loved ones.

“What happened in Cleveland has the potential to give so many people who have missing loved ones so much hope,” said Betsy Cooper, the center's executive director.

She said the events also highlight an important message.

“Never give up looking because you just never know what the circumstances are,” said Cooper.

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