Fredric Bourdin claims to have impersonated more than 500 people, but when he claimed to be missing San Antonio boy Nicolas Barclay, he found himself famous and in jail.

KSAT-12 News Anchor, Steve Spriester documented Bourdin’s story 16 years ago, when he first claimed he was Nicolas Barclay. This weekend CNN Films will air a movie on Bourdin’s life called “The Imposter", so it was time for Steve to look up old friends.

It's been years since Steve has seen San Antonio private investigator Charlie Parker and his wife, Carol.

"You (Steve) look the same, I don't," says Charlie Parker, as he and Steve stood in Parker's kitchen with the movie’s poster over his shoulder.

Steve and Parker share a bond, because of the Frenchman, Bourdin.

"I was scared of him, and I know you (Steve) were too. We didn't know what he was and what he might do, it just, it turned into a great movie though," said Parker.

“The Imposter” follows Bourdin’s claim that he was missing San Antonio boy Nicolas Barclay. He fooled the Barclay family, but not Parker. Together on KSAT, Steve and Parker detailed the inconsistencies in the story, eventually leading to Bourdin’s arrest.

"The film was nominated for Sundance, won the BAFTA, which is the British Academy Award, and uh, I’m so proud of it, I'm so proud of it. My regret is you’re (Steve) not in it, you should have been in it," said Parker.

The CNN movie also looks at Bourdin today, married with children, a far cry from the man who called himself “The Chameleon” and danced like Michael Jackson.

"On a scale of one to 10, it’s a 15. It's just a case that probably isn't over yet. I personally believe that him seeing this movie, might make him do it again," said Parker.

They are the memories of a story Steve and Parker will never forget, now made into a movie.

CNN will air “The Imposter” on Sunday night at 8 p.m.