A rash of construction thefts has put a Comal County Habitat for Humanity project behind schedule and over budget.

When Executive Director Nathan Weir discovered the first theft six weeks ago, he instantly thought of the family who wanted to move in before the holidays.

"They're the people who make New Braunfels run, who need just a little bit of a hand to get going, and for folks to take away from them, I think that's worse than the normal crime," Weir said.

It has happened several times.

First, someone stole 98 pieces of plywood that were supposed to go on the outside of the home. It had cost Habitat for Humanity nearly $1,000.

"We've since had that replaced. Luckily, Eberhard Lumber cut us a deal, took a loss and replaced it for us," Weir said.

Since then, someone broke into a trailer where Habitat stored equipment and broke the door on the trailer.

Thursday morning, Weir discovered that someone broke into the home through the garage, busted a door, and took 34 boxes of flooring that should have been installed that day.

"We sell our homes at less than it costs us to build them, so every time there's an added expense, we have to go back to donors who were kind enough to give us money in the first place, and say, 'Can we get some more money to finish this house?'" Weir said.

He said the nonprofit will have to hire security for nights when big shipments come in so they can stop the thieves -- before the generosity of the donors runs out.

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