The Comal County Crime Stoppers program will soon be getting free ad space, thanks to a donation by the Comal Independent School District. 

Comal ISD began selling advertising space on the sides of their buses in 2011, and will be placing Crime Stoppers banners on their buses for the 2013-2014 school year, free of charge.

Of the 215 buses within its fleet, the ads will appear on 30 buses that service the Canyon, Smithson Valley, and Canyon Lake areas.

“At first it was offered to private businesses, that wanted to advertise on the side of our buses, said Gus Rodriguez, Comal ISD Transportation Director.  “Hopefully it will increase the safety around the campuses, and of course, increase the safety around the community.”

The student-designed logo will begin appearing on the district’s buses within the next two weeks.

“The bus is a good advertising tool because it not only serves the school district, but it also serves the public,” said Deputy Gene Hendon, with the Comal County Sheriff’s office. “We pay good money for good tips, just like it says.”

Because the buses travel to different parts of the county, Hendon said all types of advertisements, school-related or not, are welcome.

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