Millions of Time Warner Cable customers will be  Comcast customers by the end of the year if the  $45.2  billion stock deal gets regulatory approval.

Comcast, already  the largest cable and broadband provider, will be offer more services, more programming and faster broadband to customers.

But word of the big deal between the big two was prompting questions and concerns for  customers.

"We don't like it at all," said Melinda Alonzo, Time Warner customer. 

"I got Time Warner because of the Mexican channels," said customer Donna Zhang.

The deal will close by the end of the year if it gets approval by Department of Justice antitrust regulators and the FCC.

Consumer groups will be monitoring it closely and some will fight it out of concern that Comcast would have too much power and near-total control over programming, because programmers would have fewer options.

If the deal goes through, no immediate changes to channel lineups are anticipated.   Although, Time Warner customers would be able to buy Comcast's services like xFinity.

As for prices, industry analysts say only time will tell, but consumers should not expect them to drop.

Comcast and Time Warner are not direct competitors because they do not serve the same regions.

Greater competition to cable providers are other pay-tv providers like AT&T Uverse, satellite,  digital services like Netflix.

Cable subscriptions have decreased significantly in recent years because consumers have so many other options.

And, with rising prices, some consumers like Eleanor Denny, cut the cord completely and bought an antenna.

"We just found it's good cost savings," she said. "Once you've stopped paying $100 a month for something, it's really hard to go back to paying $100 a month."

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