VON ORMY, Texas -

Friday night's storms ripped through Bexar County, but one of the hardest hit was the community of Von Ormy.

Diane Luna said it was about 7 p.m. on Friday when she heard the strong winds.

"I thought it was a tornado," said Luna. "All of a sudden, you hear hail coming in too and it was breaking all the windows."

The storm hit the entire community, ripping trees apart, breaking windows and tossing everything around.

"Everything just exploded around us," said Lisa Ruiz, another Von Ormy resident. "A tree fell on the house, windows breaking out. It's like we came to a totally different area. It doesn't even look the same back here any more. It's crazy."

Ruiz said the storm went through fast, ripping up everything and leaving a lot of damage behind.

Ruiz and her neighbors worked all day Saturday to clear up all the debris. CPS crews were also working Saturday, after nearly all the residents in the community lost electricity.

"Everybody was terrified," said Ruiz. "We've never had a storm come through here like this before. This is probably the worst storm that we've had to this area that's caused this much damage to everybody's house."

Although there is a lot to clean up, Luna said she is glad everyone is okay.

"It was terrible," Luna said. "It was really terrible, but thank God nothing happened inside our house."

The animal shelter in Von Ormy was also hit hard.

The high winds knocked out their feed shed and tossed around their kennels, sending some of them down the street.
Animal shelter directors said Saturday that unfortunately, those kennels crushed and killed some of the smaller dogs.

A few dogs are still missing.

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