Companies love to hire veterans.

"They have an amazing amount of skills that can be transferred into something that we can use quite easily, and our management actually prefer to hire veterans for that reason," said Michelle Deal, a recruiter for General Electric Oil & Gas.

So why do so many veterans struggle to find employment after their time in the military is over?

Often the problem is one of communication.

"A lot of the terminology is different. So maybe you have the leadership experience," said U.S. Marine Master Sgt. Christopher Murray. "The way that we're used to wording it and the way that they want it on the paper just sometimes doesn't line up."

"It's a little bit challenging at times because we are used to a certain way of doing things," said U.S. Army National Guard Specialist Ramon Arguello.

So RecruitMilitary, a company dedicated to helping veterans in the civilian workforce, has stepped in to change that.

"There's not a lot of correlation to when (veterans) enter into the civilian world again of, 'How do I write a resume?'" said Steve Balczo, of RecruitMilitary. "Getting rid of the acronyms that we use in the military, and breaking it down so that the civilian corporations can read a resume and understand the strengths and talents of these veterans."

RecruitMilitary held a job fair for veterans on Thursday at Norris Conference Centers at Wonderland of the Americas Mall.

Hundreds of veterans turned out for the event.

RecruitMilitary offers Veterans all kinds of employment services, including a job board with hundreds of thousand of job openings listed, on their website.

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