The tenth floor of what will be Children's Hospital of San Antonio was the stage for a preview of the new medical facility on Friday.

The floor was still very much under construction, but designers said it will be tailored to the care of children.

"These rooms are going to be able to accommodate families who want to stay with their children overnight. Even kids who are very ill still play. So there is a lot of 'play' that is going to be a part of the design," said Kim Stanley, one of the lead architects on the project.

Without a facility like the children's hospital, San Antonio has been unable to attract the number and level of pediatric specialists it needs.

According to Mayor Julian Castro, this hospital will be a "Field of Dreams" of sorts -- if you build it, the specialist will come.

"(A) specialist that the city didn't have before with the expertise it didn't have before," Castro said.

That will allow families in South Texas with sick children to stay close to home.

"A parent will know that if their child gets sick, that in San Antonio we are going to have some of the best specialists in the world in many different categories. So that they can get great healthcare here instead of having to go somewhere else," Castro said.

The transformation is expected to be completed in 2014.

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