As of Wednesday, the Texas Department of Transportation is closing alternating lanes of West Avenue while construction crews work on an overpass along Wurzbach Parkway.

Only a single lane will close, but drivers should be aware that it will change day-to-day.

The east-to-west turnaround of Wurzbach Parkway will also close.

Area resident Michael Rogers said the latest development in the project is another headache for North Side drivers who have watched the project move slowly.

“It’d just be nice if they got (the project) done. I'd like to know what the hold-up is.” Rogers said. “It can be a bit of a headache depending on the time of day and it just always seems like it could go a lot quicker.”

The Wurzbach Parkway project has experienced several delays since it was started in 2011.

Weather has slowed work and Ballenger Construction, a contractor on the project, defaulted on its contract with the city.

TxDOT officials anticipate that the daily closures will last until the end of February.

Construction on the overpass is estimated to be completed by mid-March, but the overpass will not be in use until the entire center segment of Wurzbach Parkway is finished.

Local business owners said customers have grown frustrated with the construction.

“I get complaints all the time,” said Carmen Lozano, owner of El Bosque Mexican Restaurant and Patio. “The parking lot is very tight, but it's a little bit better than before when the road was closed.”

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