Consumer Reports blind taste-tested 23 craft beers and found some distinct differences.

One taster compared the lowest-rated ale, Magic Hat, to a peach tea drink.

But 12 craft beers rated  very good or excellent, including several India Pale Ales.

"India Pale Ales tend  to be more floral and fruity than a lot of other beers, and they have an intense, lingering bitterness," said Consumer Reports' Adam Kaplan.

Three ales rated "excellent" including Stone IPA at $10.74 a six-pack, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA at $10.71 a six-pack and Samuel Adams Hopology Collection Latitude 48 IPA at $8.50 a six-pack.

If you prefer a lager, Samuel Adams Boston at $8.60 per six-pack came out on top.  Other lagers that rated well were Brooklyn at $9.81 per six-pack,  Anchor Steam at $9.08, Coney Island  and Lagunitas Pils Czech Style Pilsner.

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