Ray Moberg’s ex-wife, Janie, is notified by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles every few years when the convicted pedophile and ex-paramedic is up for parole review.

Put in prison for the rest  of his life in 1987, Moberg was handed two life sentences and five 20-year sentences for sexually assaulting five young victims, including his 8-year-old daughter, and killing his teenage stepdaughter Debbie, who he also had been assaulting. Her body was never recovered after being dumped in the trash and buried in a landfill.

“If he comes out, there’s going to be more victims,” Janie Moberg said.

She said her ex-husband was quoted as saying back then, “I might repeat the crime.”

His ex-wife said she also believes Moberg may come after her because she turned him in.

The letter from the parole board said, “This review does not mean the offender will be granted parole, as each release must be approved by a board panel.”

Moberg’s ex-wife said she always protests any chance he’ll be paroled, and she urges other victims and their families to do the same, even now, 27 years later.

She said Moberg is considered a “model prisoner,” and is a trustee in the prison infirmary.

The parole board letter seeks input within 30 days of notification, by the first week of February.

Protests by email or fax 512-452-0825 must include his name, state ID 01683173 and Texas Department of Criminal Justice ID 00456388.

After what she has experienced, Moberg urges other parents to talk to their children, even more so with the Internet and social media that was not available back then.

“Ask them. Bug them. They might not like it, but it might save their life, their mental stability in the future,” she said.

Moberg said when she asked her daughters, they denied anything was wrong.

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